P.S. Help me forget the pain.


You are blessed

I’m still wishing for something greater, when I already have the best.
… songs trapped inside them because of lack of equipment, yet here I am… just making covers and singing inside my bedroom, unable to produce my own song.
… then I realized that tons of artists are being put down or aren’t supported by their parents when it comes to pursuing arts because… it is art.

Lessons from January 2017

Others may be better than you in your perspective, but I want you to always be your own encourager. Not all people will be there to support you and approve the things you do or you produce, like music, art, or choreography, so I want you to love yourself more than being too focused or busy trying to make other people love you and your talents. It all starts within you; it all starts and ends with you.

Christmas 2016 : A Guide Towards 2017

I won’t tell you to make a New Year’s Resolution ’cause I believe that it will just be a waste (well, for some maybe it’s gonna be effective but meh). I just want you to align your priorities once more. Try to figure things out, like a reflection. A clean slate ready to be splashed by goals, dreams, and things that you want to achieve. Also, knowing your priorities somehow helps you to get-by all the bumpy roads along the year. 😉

An Open Letter To The Girl Who Is Waiting For Him

You may have a long list of who you want him to be, I believe that it helps in knowing what you want and knowing what you should pray for, but I want you to know that you should also work on yourself as you pray hard for him to tick-off every single item in that list. ‘Cause while you’re wanting him to be better, he’s also aspiring for someone who is better. And while you’re praying for him, he’s praying for you too. It’s exciting to know that few years from now (or days, months, I don’t know), both of you will meet and everything will just fall into place (but not perfectly)… and then you’ll both be there for each other along the way, regardless of whatever life throws at you.

Insecurity is NOT the Key

I admit, often times, I get too overwhelmed by the things I see in social medias and sure, it can really make me want to be like them as well but then, I always go back to who I really am and what I really want to be. ‘Cause if I’m going to focus on who they are, then I’m going to be pursuing a path that leads to where they are, and not of who I should and really could be.