Folks, commitment is not hard, if you are willing. Also, it is a choice. No one’s actually forcing you to commit to something, unless you really want to. Moreover, commitment is something that you can’t escape from because either way, you are committed to a lot of things already: family, friends, church, school, work, and/or love.


You are blessed

I’m still wishing for something greater, when I already have the best.
… songs trapped inside them because of lack of equipment, yet here I am… just making covers and singing inside my bedroom, unable to produce my own song.
… then I realized that tons of artists are being put down or aren’t supported by their parents when it comes to pursuing arts because… it is art.

Christmas 2016 : Oh, but waiting is wonderful!

I really love the story of Ruth as she waited on Boaz, and of Jacob as he waited for Rachel. Yes, both characters might have waited on people and not on God, but it’s the lesson that we are looking at. If we are to connect it to reality, youths tend to rush into relationships that end up getting burned or trashed.

It’s Never Too Late

Let me ask you this, will you take a bullet for somebody? You can answer yes if that person is someone you truly love. So, can you take bullets for the whole humanity? You’ll probably say that I’m insane for raising up that question, ’cause nobody will be willing enough to die for people that they don’t know. But that’s what He did, that’s what He crossed (literally).

10 Things I Learned From Worship Leading

I’m not that old when it comes to worship leading. I think I started when I was 11 years old, and then I developed as the years passed. I believe that worship leading is not just about singing, it’s also learning how to be one with the Holy Spirit, and your music team. I’m still in the process of discovering and improving the art of worship leading with God but so far, these are the things I’ve learned.

Insecurity is NOT the Key

I admit, often times, I get too overwhelmed by the things I see in social medias and sure, it can really make me want to be like them as well but then, I always go back to who I really am and what I really want to be. ‘Cause if I’m going to focus on who they are, then I’m going to be pursuing a path that leads to where they are, and not of who I should and really could be.