She’s seventeen, and her being is quite unfathomable.

She’s the places that she has a desire to visit.

She’s the lines of her favorite books.

She’s the road trips that she hopes to go on.

She’s oversized shirts and smell of coffee.

She’s typos, brown pens, and messy notes.

She’s that one French song that’s always on repeat.

She’s sunsets and city lights.

She’s the plucking of strings and strange music.

She’s colored photographs and the mixture of black and white.

She’s built like wild grass in the summer.

She’s working by passion over perfection.

She’s between the shadow and the soul.

She’s bound to be learned slowly.

She’s surrounded by a wall of fire.

She’s loved by the Big Guy up there.

She’s full of dreams and I hope they one day come true.

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