Dust of People : June 2017 Photoshoot

It was my first time shooting with different subjects and I think it has helped me a lot in improving my “skills”.

Starting off with the fact that my subjects are completely stranger to me (except Ayana, and Shai, well, I barely know Shai), I was honestly nervous just thinking about how will I work with them. Good thing is… they’re all MSI models.

It’s a whole new level of struggle when a subject does not know how to model, but tell you what, it’s another level of struggle when your subjects are models.



I think Carissa is a model who can deliver well when she’s alone. I felt her consciousness when we were shooting, since she was being watched over by her friends slash co-models.



It was so easy to work with Hannah. She knows how to explore, and she adjusts quickly to simple commands and I think that’s one of the reasons why I got good shots of her (slash multiple shots lol).



Shooting Juliana’s in between struggle and laid-back. I had a struggle figuring out what type of model she is, but then, after a few shots… I finally saw that she is a ‘happy’ model. So I asked her to play with her hair, and to just act free.



Shaina’s one of those models who can deliver well even without directions. She’s the model that you can work with easily: you can just continue on clicking and get good shots (if your gear’s on focus huhu). I had shots of her that were put to trash because it’s out of focus (my 50mm lens betrayed me). Anyway, I really loved shooting with her.



BEFORE & AFTER: I just thought that showing you how I change the looks of my photos in post-processing is a must.20.jpg

It’s VERY easy to work with Ayana since she’s my friend, and we’ve already done three shoots (including this). There’s nothing I could say other than the model-photographer relationship that I have with her is the bomb.

Now, here are the group photos that I took of them:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Here’s to more shoots and improvements!

Of everything in between,
Danielle. x


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