You are blessed

You are blessed and you just can’t see it.

I was cleaning my room: sorting, throwing, and checking things out, when I realized how truly blessed I am.

(I am not here to brag, but I just want to emphasize things that’s why I will be mentioning a few stuff)

Most of the time we are too busy looking at things that we don’t have, and want to have so hard that we tend to overlook that the things that we already possess. For a young lady, I have too much. Imagine those photographers slowly establishing their name, yet here I am, a Grade 11 student with a nice equipment on hand, packed with different lenses and a good flash. But what am I doing? I’m still wishing for something greater, when I already have the best.

I also stared at my guitars, I have 2 acoustic guitars and 1 electric guitar — all in good condition and has a brand. When do I use them? During my spare time, or when I just want to. But there are musicians out there who can’t afford to even buy a cheap guitar; songs trapped inside them because of lack of equipment, yet here I am… just making covers and singing inside my bedroom, unable to produce my own song.

I held my art bag, and saw tons of pens that I use for fun and in attempt of becoming creative, then I realized that tons of artists are being put down or aren’t supported by their parents when it comes to pursuing arts because… it is art.

I suddenly start to question myself, “What am I doing?”. I realized that I have involved myself in a lot of fields so much that I couldn’t even focus on one.

I realized that I am so blessed to have such supportive parents, who doesn’t question my interest in learning stuff like brush calligraphy, guitar, and photography.

I realized that I am so blessed materially and I shouldn’t ask for more, because what I have is enough.

I realized that I am too young to want a lot of things, for I have yet a lot to discover and improve on.

I realized that I, and we, should value things… so much, before they fade, and before they slowly become boring to you.

Of everything in between,
Danielle. x


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