Lessons from January 2017

Wow, I honestly forgot to update my blog this month, because I’m kinda adjusting with everything… but here are the lessons that January laid in front of me (so far):

  1. Keep your thoughts together. You may be loaded with stuff to do and events that are happening in your life or at school, work, or just within the family, but I want to remind you to keep your thoughts together; as much as possible, don’t ever zone out, always stay in the moment. If you have things to achieve within a number of days or the month itself, then put your mind to it and make sure to do it. For me, having a collected mind will help you be determined in pushing through the limits and getting to where you want to be.
  2. Don’t compare yourself. Others may be better than you in your perspective, but I want you to always be your own encourager. Not all people will be there to support you and approve the things you do or you produce, like music, art, or choreography, so I want you to love yourself more than being too focused or busy trying to make other people love you and your talents. It all starts within you; it all starts and ends with you.
  3. It’s okay to be sad at times. Okay, I’m not here to tell you to entertain sadness or whatever, but feeling odd at times is okay… I mean, you’re still human after all, you don’t have that unlimited supply of happiness and smiles to give, but at least you tried. Trying is the best way to help yourself get through the day or just anything that comes your way. After being consumed by the sad feeling, I want you to still choose to be happy. It’ll make you healthy and happiness is a choice that many people don’t pick, so… don’t be one of them.
  4. Move wisely, and move fast. You don’t have to rush into things immediately. You can take things slow, and change its pace into your own speed, you can control everything except for some instances. So, I’m sharing a piece of being motivated to challenge yourself in every single way possible and to go out, be an adventure and chase after adventures. You tick-off plans and dreams without hesitating or worrying if you’re not in the right path, that’s what moving fast… but wisely means.
  5. Find a reason to smile. ALWAYS. Don’t ever end the day sad or crying. If you’re tired, close your eyes for a moment and do breathing exercises… think of happy thoughts, think of the best memories ever. Don’t make excuses for you to stress yourself. Stress is there, but choosing to be stress-free is also an option.

2017 will offer massive things… be sure to be ready and never forget to love your life.

Of everything in between,
Danielle. x


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