Christmas 2016 : Oh, but waiting is wonderful!

While waiting seems to be very hard for people, I’m here to convince and show you how wonderful waiting is.

There are a lot of characters in the Bible whom we can associate to the word and study of Waiting. I can name a few like Ruth, Daniel, Paul, Job, and Abraham. Their stories are very inspiring and it will surely tug the right strings in your heart.
I wanted to share to you how wonderful waiting is because life in this world is very fast. But sometimes (or most of the time), the things that we pray for, don’t come easily or aren’t answered instantly. Well, that’s normal. God is a God of timing, and He has plans for our lives. He throws things to us according to His will, and one of the gifts that He gave us is free will. Things still depend on us, and while we wait, He is also waiting.

The reasons why God wants us to wait are:

  1. He wants to teach us. Our God is our Father as well, He knows that if He just instantly give us everything we might forget how His Kingdom works: though we are saved by grace, grace doesn’t earn us something in Heaven, our works on Earth does.
  2. He wants to know our motive. People usually turn to God when they need something, and God delays it for a reason. He wants to know if we are asking it from the bottom of our hearts, or if we are asking for it out of lust. As the process of waiting takes place, it also purifies our intentions and it also helps us understand the nature of God more.
  3. He wants us to draw near to Him. When waiting, you tend to keep on praying and asking for it. And God loves it. He loves it when you draw near to Him and spend time with Him. But don’t misunderstand that you should pray more for Him to give you the desires of your heart, okay? He will give you a ‘yes’ if it is according to His will, always remember that.

I really love the story of Ruth as she waited on Boaz, and of Jacob as he waited for Rachel. Yes, both characters might have waited on people and not on God, but it’s the lesson that we are looking at. If we are to connect it to reality, youths tend to rush into relationships that end up getting burned or trashed.
I want girls to know that you have to patiently wait for your Boaz. Don’t you ever settle with his friends: beatinyoaz, uptonogoodaz, drunkaz, cheapaz, dumbaz, brokeaz, goodfornothinaz, and lazyaz. Darling, you deserve better. And your Father wants and have already reserved the Boaz who would respect you and treat you right.
As for the dudes out there (if there are any who reads my blog), your Rachel is just out there waiting for you. You may end up with a few Leahs in your single life, but if you decide to pursue the Rachel completely, then you will save yourself from all the heartaches. Remember that Jacob waited 7 years and more before having Rachel, don’t be impatient and don’t rush into things. Take it slow, and let God move in your relationship status.

Now, talking about you and your relationship with God. Waiting is one of the qualities that you should possess. Remember the story of Elijah, when he wants the people to taste and see that the God that He serves is real. He prepared the altar for our God, and waited for Him to provide the fire. Same goes with us, we may not be preparing an actual altar, but consider yourself—your body, mind, soul, and heart—as the altar. Every time we come to worship our God, it is our duty to glorify Him, and be silent in waiting. Most people think that devotion time or alone time with God is all about singing, reading, praying, and talking to Him, but it is more than that. Your time with God, it doesn’t revolve only on those things, it includes silence. In silence, God is able to talk to you personally; He is able to lay down His plans, and words for you; and if you keep on focusing on yourself, and on talking and talking and talking for hours, you’re not allowing Him to speak. And that is why the art of waiting should be learned.

You see, waiting is wonderful because it reveals ton of things! It can push you to your limits, help you understand your motives, help you believe in God more and trust Him fully, and most importantly… it shapes you. Waiting is never hard if you have the right heart. When you are facing trials or mountains in life, remember how Job was tested by satan and how God allowed it for Him to be glorified. Compared to Job, your trials are just a piece of cake, and it’s not going to be the end of your life. God has stored great and mighty things that are yet to come in your life, you just have to have patience and you should be faithful in prayer.

If God gave you a word, then hold on to it. Because He never failed, and He never will.
Waiting is wonderful, don’t ever have doubts.

Of everything in between,
Danielle. x


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