Christmas 2016 : A Guide Towards 2017

  1. Let go. I know that this is one of the usual phrase that you hear whenever New Year is coming. But hey, it is a necessity. You have to let go of everything in the past year. May it be people who broke you, failures you’ve committed, and a bunch of moments you place in a box that you never want to open or revisit.
  2. Breathe. It’s going to be another year, take time to breathe in the reality. Brace yourself for more, ’cause there will always be more. If you’re loaded with stuff, just pause for awhile and have a 5-minute break. It helps.
  3. Set your priorities. I won’t tell you to make a New Year’s Resolution ’cause I believe that it will just be a waste (well, for some maybe it’s gonna be effective but meh). I just want you to align your priorities once more. Try to figure things out, like a reflection. A clean slate ready to be splashed by goals, dreams, and things that you want to achieve. Also, knowing your priorities somehow helps you to get-by all the bumpy roads along the year. 😉
  4. Smile. Another common thing to say, but remember: A merry heart doeth good like a medicine. After a very bad and tiring day, try to smile. Of course, it’s going to be hard and weird, but once you did it… it’ll relieve you from your stress.
  5. Learn to turn your mobile off. I know that we’re mostly tech-dependent but try for a good 5 hours to have you mobile or any gadget off, and just be in the moment. Write some stupid notes on your notebook, try reading a couple chapters in a book, talk to people, or simply listen to the quiet. You’re going to be hesitant at first, but swear, it’s going to give you a great feeling.
  6. Listen. While you’re trying to make a better version of yourself, you might succeed and fail for quite a number of times. Learn to listen to people who gives you advices, or talks you out to slow down or try something that’s out of your plan. Who knows, maybe that’s not for you that’s why you’re failing or what, right? Also, take a moment to shut the mirror of your life, and try viewing the life of other people. Listen to them and just be there. You don’t have to talk, just listen.
  7. Forgive. And yes, forget. It is reaaaaaally hard to forgive and forget but try to. Nothing’s better than having a light weight in your heart.
  8. Crave for creativity. A good look of a painting, calligraphy, book, movie, or a short story is very healthy. I mean, if you’re in school, you basically face books, notebooks, powerpoint, and teachers talking about academic-related stuff… a good break from reality is very much needed. Don’t be hesitant to look up the movies of the month, or a book from your favorite author. If you don’t feel like doing that, then appreciate art in other forms like painting, calligraphy, or maybe dance videos.
  9. Be healthy. I’m not saying that you should eat healthy, but be healthy. If you can eat healthy then do it, but if you can’t… try to challenge yourself by cutting off sweets from your diet for a week or two, or slowly minimizing the amount of junk food that you eat. Also, grab at least 8 hours of sleep and try to exercise on a regular basis.
  10. Think good. Good and positive. You usually speak what you think, so you have to think good. Even though you may think bad about people and not talk about it, it still pollutes your mind. As much as possible, shake off anything that can affect your mind such as negativity, bad vibes, or thoughts.
  11. Dance to a music. I know that this might appear crazy or weird to you but after a long day, play your jam inside your room and just dance to it. It kind of relieves you from the schedule you had, and it makes you silly… which I think is needed nowadays. If not, you can just simply listen to music and enjoy it. Whether you’re inside the car, or just lying down.
  12. Catch up. You may have a few people in your contacts that you no longer talk to, try to message them and say “Hi.”. Engage into a conversation, ask them about life, and just ‘catch up’. Also, don’t forget to call the ones who are close to you… a simple talk with them would mean a lot.
  13. Go for it. Don’t ever hesitate in doing something that you want or love. If it’s bad, then don’t, of course. I mean, you have a brain… use it. But if it’s something that would benefit you or would make you happy (or maybe become close to your dream), then do it. ‘Cause if you don’t, then someone who has the guts will.
  14. Chill. Don’t burst into tears or anger quickly. Learn the count-to-ten technique or simply look up and ask God to help you. Always be calm and collected. Dear, you have to!
  15. Let them be. Don’t focus on others’ lives. Don’t be too overwhelmed by the things that they get and post on social media. Blessings aren’t just counted in material things, ’cause the fact that you are happy should be one enough reason for you to focus on maintaining your life. Level up for you, not for them.
  16. It’s okay. Know that everything’s going to be okay. It’s okay to fail or feel pressured at times (maybe stressed or something too), but don’t let it get to you. Remember that there’s always a next time, and if there isn’t, then do your best with what you have today or to the opportunity that you have.
  17. Shock everyone. In a good way. 😉 If they keep on throwing negativity at you, come back at them by being better. But do not boast.

13-14 more days before 2017. God bless.

Of everything in between,
Danielle. x


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