Just Keep Writing

Who cares if you have less than 10 readers? Just keep writing.

If you have a passion for creating stories, poems, or articles, but you don’t want to publish it because you’re too afraid that no one will read it… I want you to just do it.

Don’t be overwhelmed by the followers or readers other people gets or have, as long as your mind keeps on wandering in different places to elicit different scenarios, words, and inspirations, then go for it.

It’s more scary to have a dull mind and a trashy piece than to have few followers or readers. Remember that creativity is a gift, and it has to be exercised. Don’t make excuses for you to stop writing or for you not to pursue writing.

Few people are given the gift to write, and if you have one… don’t you dare hold it back.

I was very hesitant in pursuing this whole blog thing because I am not good at it, and I feel like I’m not qualified to do so. But then I realized that the people I look up to when it comes to blogging started from scratch as well, and now they’re where they are… so if I am to put my mind into this because I love it, then soon, I will be like them as well.

Many people will not understand your reasons for putting up blogs or accounts to showcase your pieces but chosen people will be there to tell you to keep on writing, and to never stop doing what you love to do.

In everything you do, remember that it isn’t about the people around you. Sure, you may be writing to inspire them, but you should do most of it for yourself.

Satisfy your craving for exploration and words!

Keep writing because that’s what you love, not because you want approval.

Of everything in between,
Danielle. x


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