An Open Letter To The Girl Who Is Waiting For Him

Since you are waiting for him, know that it’s not going to be easy. You might let some guys in: who will break your heart, tell you promises or words that aren’t true, leave you hanging, and who will have second thoughts about you, but remember that he’s just around the corner. Sure, he can be that guy who bumped you yesterday, the guy who sat on your seat in that restaurant few hours ago, or the guy who is on the other side of this world. He could be anywhere, and you might just be searching the wrong places or staring at the wrong eyes, but he’s there, somewhere… and someday, you’ll meet him. He may not be the one you expected, but when the time is right, that’s just it.

Now, if you’re asking for a strong man, not the one who has a defined body, but a man who knows his principles in life and knows how to deal with problems — be that and pray for him.
If you’re expecting a man who can challenge you in so many ways: in life, sports, games, or whatever, and challenge you to grow and just give it your all — be that, and pray for him.
If you’re wanting a man who can be your best friend, teammate, and a partner who will be there to support you no matter what, and (try) to pull you back to your senses when you’re (slowly) making mistakes — be that, and pray for him.
If you’re dreaming of a man who has integrity, values, faith, respect, and who knows where he is going — be that, and pray for him.
If you’re looking for a man who doesn’t just fall for looks, or who doesn’t base feelings on appearance — be that, and pray for him.

You may have a long list of who you want him to be, I believe that it helps in knowing what you want and knowing what you should pray for, but I want you to know that you should also work on yourself as you pray hard for him to tick-off every single item in that list. ‘Cause while you’re wanting him to be better, he’s also aspiring for someone who is better. And while you’re praying for him, he’s praying for you too. It’s exciting to know that few years from now (or days, months, I don’t know), both of you will meet and everything will just fall into place (but not perfectly)… and then you’ll both be there for each other along the way, regardless of whatever life throws at you.

It’s not easy to meet your standards, and it’s not easy to meet his, that’s why you should be the person you want to meet.

Of everything in between,
Danielle. x


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